SAADA offers members of the public the opportunity to have items valued. If you are interested in this service please send images through to Please include good quality, well light images. These should include images of any marks or labels, of the back, underneath and inside of the piece as well as any distinguishing features as well as any damage that the piece has. Please include as much information as you can about the piece: size, weight, material as well as any history that you may have of it.

We will then send you an invoice with our banking details. Once payment has been made we will forward your information and images onto the relevant valuator who will give you a written valuation on your item.

The cost of this service is R200.00 + Vat per item or 1% of the value of the item, whichever is greater.

SAADA is a member of CINOA (The International Confederation of Dealers in Works of Art).
To find out more information about CINOA please visit

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