(Jason Brady & Cliff van Rensburg)
Tel: 011 789 2233
E-mail: marketing@randcoin.co.za
Website: Randcoin.co.za

Established in 1980, we offer advanced and younger collectors a wide selection of coins and banknotes. All ZAR and SA coins are listed from 1874 to date and banknotes from 1921 to date. We sell to collectors who are both buying for collecting or investment, a wide range of the market, and have goods from a few hundred Rand to many thousands of Rand. We also deal in diamonds. We use courier countrywide as well as globally and we operate from our offices in Randburg, Johannesburg.

SAADA is a member of CINOA (The International Confederation of Dealers in Works of Art).
To find out more information about CINOA please visit www.cinoa.org

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