SAADA Membership Application

Professional antique and art dealers who wish to benefit from membership of our association should apply by completing the below application form and submitting to us via this website.

Please scroll down to access the SAADA membership application form.

Minimum Reuirements for Membership

• Your business needs to have been dealing for a minimum of three years

• Acceptance of the Associations Code of Conduct (available through the SAADA office to members)

• Satisfactory references

• Acceptance by the associations membership


There is a one-off registration fee of R1000.00 on joining

Annual Subscription

Payable either monthly, quarterly or annually. The current subscription fee is R6300.00 per annum plus VAT.

Election Process

All applications are acknowledged. In addition to formal references received, informal references may also be sought, particularly regarding integrity, knowledge and experience. The applicant will be required to exhibit at one of our expo’s in order for the membership to meet the applicant.

Annual Ratification

Each member is re-ratified every year at the AGM, ensuring our quality of member is maintained.

Application Form

Please complete the SAADA Membership Application below