What have you done lately Candle Sticks

I’m a dreamed up dream of a dreamer, Patrick Mavros, a sole soul giving life to a whole continent, the imagined story of the wild of Africa.

I’m the illuminator that lights up a room with smiles and good cheer, my candles at the centre of the table like a bushveld bonfire, sparking conversation of adventure and delight.

I’m a tale teller of that land, of gentle giraffe and trumpeting elephant, I evoke the silver-green shimmer of leaves, the rough rub of tree bark, and the raw smell of the earthy earth.

I’m made from the metal out of the deeply depths of that ground, sourced by the mettle of the men of Africa, their drum rhythm echoing the heartbeat of the land.

I’ve graced the tables of travellers, lit the hallways of heroes, and have many stories to tell.


What have you done lately?