What have you done lately Dresser

I’m inlaid with the exotic stars that the Dutch explorers used to navigate unknown seas in their quest to push boundaries and discover distant lands.

I’m the chest that housed in my heart the charts of those new worlds – new shorelines, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, cities, whole continents even – the four corners of the Earth, an unfurling wind-blown cloak, gradually pulled together to one day connect at a single point of the completed globe.

I’m the observer of conniving court life, of ascending princes and descending dukes, marked by the spider webs of tricks and treachery by treasonous traitors.

I’m the player that outwitted them all,  for I preside here still, crowned king of my court. I’ve been privy to secrets, the keeper of knowledge, and I have time-worn polished gleam to show for it.


What have you done lately?