What have you done lately Martini Set

I’m the cocktail set wrought in the coke-fired forge of Tai Kut’s lair, emblazoned with the tale of Dragons.

I’m the gift Douglas Fleming bestowed upon his bright-eyed bride Dore as they settled into their new life in exotic Shanghai, “Paris of the East”. I’m the party-starter that cheered on the Charleston, the razzle and dazzle, and eavesdropped on shady talk in smoke-filled saloons. I’m the witness who watched the Rising Sun darken the Chinese sky in the whirl of war, saw Douglas – chained and broken – disappear into crowded camps.

I’m the world traveler, bundled and baled and smuggled to freedom… planes, trains and steam ship lines, I’ve crossed the Himalayan heights, passed the Alpine peaks, found my self in the shadow of the Drakensberg, and have scars and scratches as my testimony.


What have you done lately?