What have you done lately Veldpond Coin

I am a personalised Veld Pond, one of the 986 coins struck by the ZAR Field Mint from handmade dies prepared by Mr. P. J. Kloppers, Mint Master in the Field.

I am the marvellously malleable metal, the result of “’n Boer maak ‘n plan”, when he cleverly added sublimate of mercury to me, found in a nearby ambulance, a Proudly Southern African innovation.

I am as pure as can be, this mercurial mercury evaporating as hotly heat gave life to my early form, while I was born.

I am a cookie-cut coin from gold sheets rolled-out by “bitter-einders” Dick Graham and mechanic W. Reid, then uniquely marked with my own individual engraving. I’ve seen the rush of the gold raiders, sat in the pockets of pioneers, and watched new nations transform around me.


What have you done lately?