Armed Robbery at House in Pretoria

Approximately 10 days ago a client of mine had an armed robbery at her house in Pretoria. Approximately a hundred pieces of antique and vintage jewellery were taken. Some of it were very valuable and large pieces that belonged to her mother and grandmother. In some cases, the containers in which the jewellery were kept were also taken. An inventory of the jewellery inherited from her grandmother compiled by Eduard Bernardi in 1979 is also available from her.

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List of missing jewellery:
1.     Very large rock crystal Arts & Crafts pendant, set in silver with small green stones
2.     Approximately 20 pieces of Austro Hungarian jewellery usually as sets with rings, bracelets and necklaces as well as long dangling earrings
3.     Large silver gilt Austro Hungarian citrine cross
4.     At least 4 “seal” pendants with various designs (one with chariot and horses)
5.     A gold pendant with black stripes in the form of an egg
6.     A porcelain ballerina brooch
7.     Gold bracelets – intricately interwoven, gold loops, “mesh format” etc.
8.     Turquoise and coral Austro Hungarian bracelets and necklaces
9.     Beautiful delicate Victorian necklaces set with seed pearls combined with other stones
10.   Black Russian drop earrings and matching necklace  (picture attached)
11.   Black large cameo with white relief
12.   Exquisite moonstone and gold necklace (circa 1920)
13.   Moonstone star brooch – huge
14.   Large ruby necklace with seed pearls and diamonds and matching screw-on earrings and ring
15.   Cameo drop earrings; large lack cameo with white relief
16.   18ct gold bracelet with enormous large pale amethyst (highly ornate with figures, vines and swirls) in a beautiful cream marblish container – which looked somewhat like the Voortrekker Monument.
17.   Stunning large gold moonstone ring with seed pearls and blue stones around it
18.   Intricate gold and amethyst earrings with a swirl design
19.   Green jewellery box with approximately 40 pairs of antique earrings – gold/silver, tourmaline, sapphire, coral, ivory etc.
20.   About 3 diamond rings
21.   Two diamond tennis bracelets – white gold and yellow gold
22.   Some Erich Frey jewellery (e.g. huge bracelet)
23.   Some coral and turquoise jewellery with large segments of gold in between
24.   All my daughters’ medals etc. which they won in their capacities as dux of their respective schools, honour badges and the like
25.   Large medallion (solid gold) which I won in 1972 as dux with The Nooientjie van die Onderveld in relief on the front, the slogan “Ek sien haar wen” and Mabel Jansen 1972 on the back in a blue container.
26.   Silver and amethyst enameled Austro Hungarian bracelet and dangling earrings (picture provided)
27.   Enormous pendant with pink tourmaline, diamonds and pearls with matching earrings
28.   50ct topaz

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