Large Antique Silver Tea Tray

Assumed to be Sheffield plate possibly regency style 1800s. Regrettably no actual photo of missing tray but the photo below shows ONLY the general shape/style of the tea tray. The handles are not the same. The missing item has much heavier handles with raised decorative work, and are shaped in representation of the angles of the tray ends.It is a very large tray, approx 500 – 600mm long and 300 – 400mm wide. There are no feet on this tray. Finely engraved all over but with raised decorative borders.

IDENTIFIABLE BY NAME “ROBERTS-WEST” in centre – Centre has a plain space for inscription relating to the Roberts-West family, probably relating to the marriage of Leonard and Edeline married 13/01/1884. Family crest depiction engraved with the inscription – see below examples of official crest.





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