Postcard exhibition opening Thursday 19th March at 6pm

Dear Clients/Friends,

Burr & Muir are holding an exhibition of postcard-sized (10x15cm) paintings at their new premises (address below), opening on Thursday 19th March from 6-9pm.

Artists include: Ros Molteno, Gill Heale, Adele Gordon, Marion Bartko-McCabe, Ille de Rijk, Simone Redman, Ellalou O’Meara, Jen Lewis, Geoff Burr, Amran Matjam, Anne-Marie Sloane, Norma Pinnick, Veronica Reid, Christine Cherry Jones, Paddy Bouma, with Hardy Botha, Peter Clarke and Eris Silke.

Please come and enjoy a glass of wine/beer with us at the opening.

A map of our location appears on our website ( under ‘Contact’. Early arrivals can park in The Mirage (Chiappini St garage entrance).


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