SAADA’s Johannesburg 50th Anniversary Fair 2013

This year SAADA proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary at our annual SAADA Fair held at The Wanderers club in Johannesburg from the 27th to 29th September. The theme for our fair was Gold! For 50 years we at SAADA have been helping our clients identify the golden thread running through all areas of art and antiques. The ability to recognise the exceptional quality in conception, design and production culminates in the display of unique items at our annual fairs.

In 2012 SAADA adopted a ‘Green’ theme that we called “RECYCLE THE PAST, ENSURE OUR FUTURE”. With many of our natural resources under threat we want to highlight the benefits of renewable and sustainable production and the protection of our natural resources This year, as we celebrate our golden anniversary and look back over fifty years we see the effect of the developing modern world with its consumer based philosophy and a “throwaway mentality”. In the next fifty years we will continue to show clients the benefits in buying antiques as their carbon footprint has gone and Green will become the new Gold.

_PTR1953     _PTR1987

_PTR2007     _PTR1982

_PTR1936     _PTR1891

_PTR1874     Heleen-Bossi,-Talkiba-Dry,-

Peter-Mrkusic,-Ginny-Little     John-Crawlye,-Marguerite-Ha

Jeremy-Du-Mughn,-Nadia-Dola     _PTR2028

_PTR1914     _PTR1900

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