The Whitehouse Gallery – 2013

The White House Gallery specialises in well-known international artists and top contemporary South African artists. We deal in etchings, lithographs, screenprints, bronzes and ceramics and we also procure specialised artworks that you may be looking to acquire. Please feel free to pop into the gallery and enjoy the lovely variety of artworks on display, or contact us directly on +27 11 268 2115 or via our website. Below are some of our new acquisitions:


Joan Miro – L’aieule devant la mer Date: 1969 Medium: Etching and aquatint with carborundum Paper Size: 105 x 70 cm Edition Of: 48/75


Michael Fleischer – Musician Medium: Broze Cast Height: 110 cm Edition Of: 2/6


Michael Fleischer – The Couple Medium: Bronze Cast Height: 85cm Edition Of: 6/10


Joan Miro – Barcelona Plate 8 Date: 1972 Medium: Etching & Aquatint and carborundum Paper Size: 105 x 70 cm Edition Of: 50 + proofs


Douglas Portway – Composition with circles and lines Date: 1973 Medium: Mixed Media on paper Paper Size: 50 x 66 cm Edition Of: Original


David Hockney – Brooke Hopper Date: 1976 Medium: Lithograph on Buff Arches paper Paper Size: 96.5 x 71.1 cm Edition Of: 90

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